Those of us who live, breathe, and worship Fantasy Football are well in to draft season. Don’t lie to yourself, if you are reading this in June you are itching to start drafting if you have not already. We all know about the studs…Barkley, Zeke, Hopkins, and we also know the mid-draft steals such as White, Murray, and Kupp. But what about the end of the draft? What do you do and who do you target? Not enough analysts focus on preaching strategies for the end of the draft, and that’s why many of the casual players take 2 QBs, 2 Defenses, and 2 Kickers.

The final picks of your draft should comprise of high upside players who have a chance for immediate impact in their respective offenses. Players such as RoJo, Breida, Allison, and Harris all got the mold. These “dart throws” are essentially the types of players who should make up the last 2-3 spots on your bench. What makes this strategy so effective, is if by the end of week 1 these players haven’t been made a focal point in the offense, you simply drop them to the waiver wire and go after those week 1 studs. Stop drafting “consistent” players like Cole Beasley and Mo Sanu who offer you no upside. You don’t win your league by starting guys who will give you a consistent 9 point performance.


Drafting for upside is key at the end of your draft because the possibility of the unknown breakout is so much more valuable to your team than boring, “what you see is what you get” players.