A league winner can be defined in different ways. It could be a player who consistently gives you solid numbers or it could be a player who was picked up off waivers and ended up being in your starting lineup. Keenan Allen is a household name in fantasy football, yet 2019 is the year he can win leagues and do it quietly.

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Current ADP

Keenan Allen finished as the 12th best wideout in fantasy in 2018. Now even with that kind of production, his current ADP is being pushed into the early third round. That kind of production in the third round is astounding. Especially after Allen finished as the third best receiver in 2017. For someone who has a early pick in the draft, starting your draft with a combination of a stud running back, Keenan Allen, and another stud running back or receiver is absurd. There is no other way to put it, Allen is a steal at the beginning of the third round.

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Ever since he came back from his freak injury in 2016, Allen has been the model of consistency. He gives high PPR points on a weekly basis, and his role in the offense is unchanged. Over the past two seasons he is averaging an 100 catch, 1300 yard, and 6 touchdown season. Name another player that can give you those numbers outside the first 15 picks. Allen is extremely undervalued going into 2019 and I am loving it.

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Based off his production and current ADP, Keenan Allen is in a spot to help win a lot of fantasy championships in 2019. Imagine Starting your draft with Ezekiel Elliot in the first round, Antonio Brown in the second, and Keenan Allen in the third. Now that kind of production is unmatched.