Drafting in Fantasy Football is the most important couple hours of the fantasy season. Your team and potentially the money you invested are on the line. There are several strategies that players can adopt, and most of them have a simple purpose behind them. Here are my favorite strategies and tips when it comes to drafting in Fantasy Football.

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Zero RB

The “Zero RB” Strategy has been around for quite a while. Drafting this way allows you to focus on all other positions in the first couple of rounds, and then draft running backs in the middle to late rounds. This strategy works quite well in PPR leagues where wideouts are much more valuable. Now this strategy for me, is solely based on draft position. This year for example, the top 5 players are running backs, therefore if I am picking at 6, I would draft DeAndre Hopkins and adopt the “Zero RB” strategy instead of reaching on a running back. It is important to target running backs that have a role in the offense, even if it is a third down role. Also drafting valuable backup running backs is key. Even if you draft another fantasy owners handcuff, that just gives you trade bait, and potentially a starting running back. Example would have been Tevin Coleman in 2018.

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Wait on a QB

This is more of a rule I follow rather than a strategy. I think everyone who is an experienced fantasy player knows that waiting on a QB is a good strategy. Quarterbacks are the most replaceable position in fantasy football as most quarterbacks will give you points that you want. The difference between drafting a QB high and low is consistency. That isn’t to say that there aren’t late round gems. Patrick Mahomes was a late round QB pick in 2018 and we all know how that worked out.

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Bye, Bye, Bye

When drafting, most players will worry about bye weeks and not wanting to match them up too much. I do not really care about the bye weeks. If a player fits into my team well, and is a good player, why should I pass on them because I have another player on the same bye week? For me, I would rather have two great players for 15 weeks of the season and take the one week hit, then draft a great player and a good player with different bye weeks.