The following data is based off of the latest rankings from in a 12 team, PPR setting

When you think of Dynasty bargains, the first thing that comes to mind are young players with vast potential to exceed expectations and become the next big thing in the league. In fact, before I started writing this article I only contemplated on such players to write about. Players like Mack, Shepherd, and Curtis Samuel seemed like the obvious choices as they are all incredibly talented, in a position to succeed, and have a vastly lower than expected ADP. However, what if I told you that the best bargain in Dynasty was a proven player, coming off one of the best seasons of his career, whom is the #1 option on his team, and just got signed to a two year extension? With the current ADP of 121 overall (11.02), Julian Edelman is the best bargain in a dynasty format!

The latest Super Bowl MVP finished the 2018 season with an average of 17.3 FPPG , which was tied with Keenan Allen as the 12th most FPPG last season. Attaining a low end WR 1 in the 11th round is an absolute steal in dynasty, even with Edelman’s older age factored in. Edelman will still be elite for 2-3 more years because he has just signed a 2 year contract extension. For most players, a contract extension won’t indicate elite production and usage. However, like most things, the patriots are an anomaly and are unlike any other team. Bill Belichick is not shy of dumping players whom are passed their prime (Rip Wes Welker). A contract extension for Edelman ensures that Belichick still trusts Edelman to produce and fulfil his role as an elite producer, despite him being 33 years old. Smart move considering Edelman is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. In Dynasty, no competitive team is complete without the addition of “win now” players. Players with proven production that can help your team to the playoffs now, while your younger players develop and hopefully reach their perceived potential. No player in fantasy football better fits the “win now” role than Julian Edelman. Dynasty is all about crafting the best team to win, and drafting a low end WR1 in the 11th round ensures you’ll be a strong contender for your Fantasy Football title!