Quarterbacks go at a variable rate in fantasy. Some believe that waiting on the quarterback position is the best strategy. Other believe securing a stud QB should be the move. I am a believer in the former. I draft all of my other positions and even some bench spots before I draft a quarterback. Simply because I believe the position is replaceable, any given quarterback can score 20-30 points every week. Here are the late round quarterbacks I will be targeting. 

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Jameis Winston

Winston and the Buccaneers are a haven for fantasy productions. Their defense is terrible and their offense has firepower. Which means shootouts. Winston has been up and down in terms of real life play, but has always been a solid fantasy asset. He turns the ball over a lot, but makes up for it with touchdowns and yardage. With Arians now in the fold, we can hope to see Winston clean up his throws and with a contract year looming, this could be the year we see Jameis become a top 8 quarterback. 

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Dak Prescott

If you are drafting a quarterback late, you want a solid floor. Dak provides one of the higher floors among quarterbacks in my opinion. We all know he won’t go out and throw for 5000 yards and 35 touchdowns for the season. What we can bet on is solid yardage and touchdown totals because he does it through the air and on the ground. Prescott is one of the best runners at the quarterback position and added six touchdowns on the ground last year. Not to mention, he looked like an elite fantasy quarterback after Amari Cooper was added to the team. Dak is one of my favorite late round quarterbacks. 

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Kyler Murray

This one is a wild card. I would recommend pairing Murray with a high floor quarterback. However, if Murray pans out, the fantasy production will be there. He already might be the most gifted runner at the QB position. Given the spread offense he is in, the weapons he has, and the shootouts he will likely be in, I love the upside of Murray. Now obviously the red flags are his size, rookie status, and potential learning curve. This is a high risk, high reward late round target.