When it comes to the tight-end position, you don’t really have much to choose from. There are the elite-level tight-ends, and then a lower, less productive and consistent second-tier. After that, it’s almost a shot in the dark and you might be stuck playing tight-ends in good matchups every week if you don’t land an every-week starter. Everybody knows at this point, that Zach Ertz, Travis Kelce, and George Kittle are the elite-level tight-ends this season, with others behind them. In my opinion, Vance McDonald is toward the top of the second-tier of fantasy tight-ends in the league.

With Antonio Brown gone, along with Jesse James, it brings Vance McDonald to a more prominent role in the offense. The combination of Brown and James soaked up 207 targets from Big Ben last season, with the majority obviously going to AB.

If you were to combine the stats of Jesse James and Vance McDonald, you would be left with a stat line of 80/1,033/6. Now that’s a pretty high number, and I don’t expect McDonald to reach that, but I do expect something relatively similar.

Vance McDonald had a current ADP of 7.07, or the seventh pick in the seventh round of fantasy drafts according to Fantasy Football Calculator. He’s being drafted as the TE-9 off the board, but I have him slightly higher at the TE-7. I wouldn’t be upset taking him in the seventh round or later. I expect him to have a productive season, and step up for the Steelers offense.

2019 Stat Prediction: 70/980/7