What’s going on everyone! It’s time to officially kick off the 2019 fantasy football season by conducting our first mock draft! The mock was done with 6 other Instagram users on the Sleeper app, my favorite, new app for fantasy football! Below I’ll talk about strategy, as each draft will be different. We’ll take a look at the best/worst drafted teams. And then finally I’ll be talking about where I think I can improve for next draft! Let’s get right into this!

Strategy is the backbone of every single fantasy football draft whether it’s for fun with a mock or for real on your leagues draft day! Some claim to say that you can never stick to a strategy and draft successfully, so we’ll be trying to test that bold claim! We’ll do this by going through all types of different strategies from different draft positions. This should give us a wide range view on whether or not it’s necessary to employ a strategy. Our first strategy is one that I typically do not even attempt since I love my running backs, but it is the “no running back strategy”! This doesn’t mean you never take running backs, but you instead mentally set a time frame to say from this round to this round I will not take a running back. For this mock I drafted from the ninth position and decided that for the first four rounds I wouldn’t touch a running back! Of course, then I had the decision on whether to take a tight end early or not. Let’s take a look at these first four picks. Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs. By the time I was up to draft to my third round pick (Allen), the three elite tight ends had already been drafted. This means that in order to get my favorite tight end, Travis Kelce, I would need to have selected him where I took Jones. At the time I was not thinking about that, but y’all we gotta see into the future too because not taking Kelce actually hurt me later on. Here’s how, at the top of the 6th round I selected OJ Howard after taking my first running back of Mark Ingram. I was feeling good about that pick until uh oh the Kelce owner selects James White, who is extremely valuable in PPR formats. The problem here is now the Kelce owner not only has the better tight end, but a more balanced running back group with Melvin Gordon, Damien Williams, and White. This is something I had to learn several times within the draft, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE FUTURE. Speaking of the future, here’s a safe way to gain a competitive edge come championship time. I was able to grab Kareem Hunt at the beginning of the 8th round, which may seem early to some, but if you have your team filled out then Hunt is a viable bench spot to help at the end of the season. All in all, would I recommend the no running back strategy? I would need to test it out a couple more times from different spots, but currently I’m going to say no because it doesn’t give you much wiggle room with your running backs. You are having to hope they hit and don’t get hurt or over taken on depth chart. I felt like it didn’t allow me to draft handcuffs either as instead I had to worry about filling my RB depth with running backs that could start, which I did a poor job with overall. Below now I will list out the full team by order of drafting, 15 rounds.

Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Mark Ingram, OJ Howard, Lamar Miller, Kareem Hunt, David Njoku, Sterling Shepard, Courtland Sutton, Keke Coutee, Ito Smith, Jimmy Garoppolo, Anthony Miller.

Ok y’all, now that you see my draft strategy and some overall thoughts about my team, I’m going to jump into my favorite and least favorite teams. My favorite team by far was drafted by Instagram user: @camman3112. Originally, I though it was it was going to be @dom_ruggss, but let me show you the winning team and you’ll see why I fell in love. DeAndre Hopkins, Dalvin Cook, George Kittle, Josh Jacobs, Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley, Alshon Jeffery, Tyreek Hill, Rashaad Penny, Drew Brees, Jaguars Defense, Jaylen Samuels, Cam Newton, Peyton Barber, Greg Olsen. Wow what a team, maybe a little weak at the running back position, but in PPR formats that’s not the worst problem! To start his draft the number one PPR wide receiver was taken, this move may seem early by some and head scratching when Christian McCaffrey is still there, but nevertheless it’s a great pick. To follow that up he selected the bona-fined work horse running back in Minnesota, Dalvin Cook, who I am extremely excited for in 2019 as there’s no real competition against him. Let’s jump down to where I think he could’ve slightly improved and added a running back. In the 7th round, Alshon Jeffery was selected who I believe has a great chemistry with Carson Wentz, but regardless I would have either taken Miles Sanders, Derrius Guice, or since it’s PPR Tarik Cohen. Grabbing either one of those running backs would’ve gave you a more stable running back unit while still holding onto the integrity of your stud wide receivers.

After reviewing the board closer I started to realize that the 6 user drafted teams were all great in my opinion, but found myself hating what the computer drafted teams did. Here’s the start to one of them in particular that I do not like. Todd Gurley, James Conner, TY Hilton, Patrick Mahomes, Chris Carson. That starting five is setting yourself up for a nail biting, risking taking 2019 season. Here’s how I see these first five picks. Gurley of course is dealing with a knee problem that we saw limit him throughout the playoffs, most importantly in the Super Bowl. Conner is in a position to get his fantasy production overtaken by other running backs on the team. Hilton could be argued to have his fantasy production stolen as well from newly drafted Parris Campbell, free agent acquisition Devin Funchess, and returning tight end Jack Doyle. Then lastly, we all know that the Seahawks love to run the ball, but they didn’t draft Rashaad Penny in the first round to ride the bench, if Carson struggles or goes down with another injury then it’ll be Pennys backfield to steal and keep long term. These are all subjective to my thoughts and opinions about the teams situations, many are still high of course on Gurley and Conner, but personally I would rather have safer options such as Joe Mixon or Le’Veon Bell.

Thank you for putting in time to read this article, I know it was a long one! I hope this helps you gain a little insight to the no running back strategy and for next week if there’s a strategy you wanna see mocked then just hit me up on Instagram @takedownfantasy or over on Twitter @TakeDownFantasy! We all really appreciate your support here, have a great weekend!