The Green Bay Packers had another underwhelming season under the leadership of former head coach Mike McCarthy. This lead to them firing McCarthy and searching for a new head coach, and eventually finding Matt LaFleur. LaFleur has a great resume filled with substantial offensive experience. Not only will he try to help the team become a winning organization again, but he’ll hopefully boost the value of multiple offensive fantasy football assets on the Green Bay Packers offense.

The most intriguing and personally my favorite part of the offense for the Packers is WR Devante Adams. Adams has been one of the most reliable receivers in fantasy football, and he has the safest floor in the entire league at this point. Aaron Rodgers loves targeting receivers he trusts, and Adams is his most trustworthy receiver at this point. Adams put up ridiculously consistent numbers last season, and under new head coach, Matt LaFleur, I can see him being an even bigger asset than most people give him credited for.

In a dynasty setting, I would not be upset if I saw somebody take Adams as the first WR off the board. Between Hopkins, Adams, Thomas, and Beckham, any of the four would be a fine start to a WR corps for your team.

Adams had an ADP of 1.11 according to Fantasy Football Calculator. He is currently being drafted as the second receiver off the board, but I could pick him as the first with no problem. I could pick him ahead of James Conner as well as Todd Gurley, as the Rams have seemed to want to reduce his workload due to his arthritis. Don’t be afraid to pick up as much stock in Adams as you can.

2019 Stat Prediction: 115/1430/12