This article your about to read will tell you why Lamar Jackson is going to be one of the top fantasy football QB’s of the 2019 NFL season! After in depth research, you have to read this too believe it for yourself! Without further a do, let’s get straight to it!

The main thing I wanted to address is the upside Lamar Jackson brings to the table with his rushing floor. Check this out; from 2000-2018, 20 Quarterbacks have 100+ rush attempt seasons. 13 of those 20 QB’s finished as top-6 fantasy QB’s during their respected seasons. So for a QB to get 100+ rush attempts in a season, They need 6.25 attempts per game on average. This man Lamar Jackson averaged a astonishing 17 rush attempts per game in his 7 regular season starts last season! Now obviously that’s not sustainable because that would put him on pace for 270+ rush attempts in 2019, but the point is, he is for sure getting 100+ rush attempts!

Another thing we have to address is that Lamar Jackson was one of the biggest winners in free agency this offseason! His stock skyrockets getting a reliable RB in Mark Ingram (I can smell the RPO’s). As if I wasn’t excited enough, the Baltimore Ravens stampede into the 2019 NFL draft and doesn’t draft not one, not two, but three speedy demon WR’s in Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, Miles Boykin, and Justice Hill.

Lastly, The Baltimore Ravens coaching staff has now had an entire offseason to plan on revolving this offense and schemes around Lamar Jackson since he is now the teams clear fit starter! Believe it or not, Jackson is currently being drafted as the QB21 in fantasy drafts right now based off ADP. This is just another reason why you wait for QB’s when drafting due to the fact that these late round gems can score just as many fantasy points as the elite QB’s in the game!

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