Dede Westbrook has been in the league for two years now, and has had Blake Bortles passing him the ball during that time. He hasn’t blossomed into as much of a difference maker as people may have predicted, but I’m here to say that he’ll have WR2 upside throughout the season at an amazing value.

The Jaguars have been operating with Blake Bortles at QB. He’s had a couple decent seasons, but for the most part he’s notoriously known for being a less-than-average QB. Ultimately, Bortles hurt Westbrook’s value much more than he helped it. Bortles managed to throw only 13 TD’s in 13 game last season.

Nick Foles is far more qualified and skilled to be a starting QB in the NFL. He’s proven himself as the Super Bowl MVP, and is a massive improvement over Bortles and for the WR corps of the Jags. Jacksonville paid him nicely, and he should live up to his contract. I don’t see much competition on the depth chart for Westbrook, and he should be no less than the No. 1 receiver for the Jags.

Westbrook has an ADP of 11.08 according to Fantasy Football Calculator. He’s ridiculously undervalued at this point in the off-season. He has major upside and I can see him being a top-20 WR by season’s end. Draft him with confidence and if you can wait on him and snag him in the eighth-to-ninth round, reap the rewards.

2019 Stat Projection: 75/1,115/9