Marquise Brown was drafted at No. 25 overall to the Baltimore Ravens. His college career was as exciting and electrifying as anybody’s, but certain aspects of his situation have concerned me.

The Ravens are a run-based team. It’s no question. They have a QB in Lamar Jackson who hasn’t shown the best accuracy so far, and he puts on an amazing show behind the line of scrimmage, but as far as making plays downfield, he lacks a little bit of skill. I believe that he’ll get better in time, but for right now, he’s just lowering Brown’s value.

In Brown’s two seasons at the University of Oklahoma, he caught 132 passes for 2,413 yards and 17 touchdowns. He averaged 18.3 YPC which goes to show how much big-play ability he has. He’s an electrifying player, and I would compare him to Desean Jackson. That may also be a hinderance to his game. He’s not very big and doesn’t have much “go up and get it” size. He’s only 5’10” and 168 lbs, so he’ll need to make plays when he can.

I don’t think Brown will pay off immediately. I think the Ravens game plan is to run the ball, and run it hard. I think he’ll be special at times, but for the most part will fall victim to a run-based system with a QB who could get better. I think he’ll be involved in the run game quite a bit, which may increase his value ever-so-slightly, but all-in-all, he’ll be a decoy to spread out the defense for a while.

Brown has an ADP of 14.04, or the fourth pick in the 14th round according to Fantasy Football Calculator. Obviously that number is skewed and we should see it change during this summer. I wouldn’t take Brown earlier than the 11th or 12th round of fantasy drafts, and in dynasty, he’ll garner a mid-to-late first round pick. He’ll be good, but it might not be soon.

2019 Stat Prediction: 50/780/4