Chris Carson finished last season strong with 1,151 yards and nine touchdowns on 247 carries over 14 games. In each of his last three games of the season, he topped 100 yards, as well as scoring four touchdowns in that time. The question is, will he blossom even more in 2019?

The only doubt in many people’s mind is the fact that the Seahawks still have Rashaad Penny in the backfield. They invested a first-round pick in him last season and people may think that they don’t just want to give up on him. Penny did average 4.9 YPC when he was given the ball, but it seemed a little tough for him to stay on the field as he dealt with injuries throughout the season.

Carson should be the go-to guy in the Seahawks backfield, but I would handcuff him with Penny as he has shown he can produce when given the opportunity. He may be a little one-dimensional with only 20 catches on the year last season, but if he’s able to produce as much or better on the ground as last season, he may still have decent value if given a fair price tag.

According to Fantasy Football Calculator, Carson has a current ADP of 4.05, which is the fifth pick in the fourth round. That seems a little steep for a guy that has competition breathing down his neck. Pair that with his lack of production in the passing attack, and I think using a fourth round pick on him may be a little too much. Wait until the late fifth or early seventh to take him, and if he’s gone before then, don’t sweat it, chances are you chose a better producer at a lesser risk.

2019 Stat Projection: 195/940/8