The NFL Draft is perhaps the best time of the year for teams to get a deal done. Every year there are shakeups, whether it is a team moving up in the draft to draft a player, or pick swaps involving NFL veterans. This year will be no different, as there is plenty of hype surrounding trade scenarios.

Cardinals Trade Josh Rosen to the Patriots for a Pair of 2nd Rounders

The trade talk surrounding the Cardinals has not slowed down since the hire of Kliff Kingsbury. There are seemingly two options on the table. Draft Kyler Murray and trade Rosen for the best possible deal or trade the first overall pick to move down in the draft and get additional impact picks. I believe that choosing Kyler and trading Rosen is the best possible bet. Netting a first rounder for Rosen at this point is far-fetched, but the Patriots seem to be finally thinking of life beyond Brady. Their position in the draft isn’t a good one, as all 4 of the top quarterbacks should be gone when the Patriots pick at 32. Acquiring Rosen for two second rounders is a light price to pay for a future starter, especially one that is a former first round pick. The Patriots get a heir to Brady and the Cardinals get some decent compensation for their 2018 starter. 

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The Broncos Move up to Snag Their Future QB

After trading for Joe Flacco, the Broncos have a starter for 2019. Make no mistake, they should find their future at the position in this draft class. Barring any surprise trade ups, the Broncos should have a choice between Dwyane Haskins and Drew Lock. Trading up to the Jaguars spot at 7 makes the most sense. The Broncos seem to be sold on both Lock and Haskins and the Giants are not exactly making it obvious they’re taking a QB at pick 6. Trading up to 7 gives the Broncos a shot at taking either Lock or Haskins. The Jaguars on the other hand gain additional draft capital and can still select an impact defender or offensive weapon at pick 10. 

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The Falcons Trade Up for Some Defense 

The Atlanta Falcons are a polarizing team. They have some serious firepower on offense, and when healthy, their defense features some great talent. The problem is, the defense was destroyed by injury and bad play from former studs (cough cough Vic Beasley). Finding another key playmaker on defense would be a homerun and moving up might not cost them a fortune. Considering the run on quarterbacks that will likely take place between picks 3-7, the Falcons should move up to spot 8 and select the best defender on the board. Whether it is Quinnen Williams, Devin White, Ed Oliver, or Josh Allen. The Lions move down a bit to pick 14 and can still select an impact pass catcher or defender, while also gaining an additional pick or player. 

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