Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes set the fantasy world on fire last year as Hill accumulated an 87/1,479/12 stat-line and finished the season as an elite WR1. Now we all know what Mahomes was able to do last year, but would he have been as effective without his pet cheetah? I doubt it.

Hill is an elite deep threat in the NFL and has become a better all-around wide receiver as his time in the league he progressed. He’s able to not just run straight down the field, but also be a chain mover when necessary. His ceiling is one of the highest in the league, and with a rocket arm in the backfield, Hill will have every opportunity to continue his success.

One knock on Hill this year was his inconsistency, which was a legitimate concern. It seemed as though if he wasn’t putting up a 25-30 point week, he was scoring single digit fantasy points. If he can increase his floor by being more consistent and trustworthy, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to build off of his season this year. But no matter the situation, you’ll always need Hill in your lineup.

It seems as if Mahomes and Tyreek were a match made in heaven. They are a playmaking masterpiece and are always just an 80 TD away from winning your fantasy week for you. I feel as that the Chiefs know that they have a dynamic tandem, and they better keep that together for as long as they can, and Andy Reid knows how to use his playmakers, which was what Hill was before blossoming into an all-around talent right in front of us.

Tyreek Hill has a current ADP of 1.12 according to Fantasy Football Calculator. He’s tied with players such as Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham Jr., which goes to show the respect he gained last year. Personally I would rather take those three over Hill until he can prove his consistency. would take Hill over Antonio Brown, Joe Mixon, and T.Y. Hilton.

The Cheetah could be just as inconsistent this year as he was last year, but he could also score a third of your fantasy points by himself on any given week. I wouldn’t be afraid to take him in the late first, or early-to-mid second round, but I don’t know that he’ll make it that far. Take him with caution, but also with confidence, as I’m sure we’ll see improvement in his week-to-week performances.

2019 Stat Projection: 93/1,340/13 receiving as well as 25/140/1 rushing