With Gabe and I being complete degenerates, we find ourselves once again doing a fantasy mock draft during our free time. With that being said, we figured we’d make a article out of it. I picked at pick 4 and Gabe at pick 10, so he was gifted the back-to-back. Format is 10 teams and .5 per catch. Here’s a look at our teams and then you’ll see a breakdown of each team by the person who drafted the team.

Draft Strategy:

Dylan: With me being at pick 4, I wanted to go with a balanced team approach. I ended up loading up at RB/WR since all the elite QB/TE’s kept getting selected, I just kept adding depth and stacking up the RB/WR positions.

Gabe: Drafting with the last spot can always be a daunting task, but if you can predict what the trend will be in the coming rounds you should have no problem at all. It’s always important to me that you begin a draft strong. I noticed that only two receivers went in the first round, so I knew that in the second most wouldn’t double down on a running back. From there it was just about finding value and knowing when to jump on a player that you know won’t be there.

Best Value Pick On Your Team:

Dylan: My favorite value pick in this draft has to be New Orlean Saints RB Latavius Murray. We know how filthy this Saints offense is and Mark Ingram during his tenure with the Saints was a flex play at worst. If i can get the direct backup to Alvin Kamara with my 2nd to last pick in the draft, I’ll take my chances all day!

Gabe: Zach Ertz, drafted in the fourth round, was the biggest steal in my opinion. After hovering around that 75 catch mark for three straight seasons, we saw Ertz explode into an elite status with 116 catches this past season. Here’s a fun stat taking it back to week six of the regular season; 48 receptions are the most by a tight end through six games since 1999. If you aren’t drafting Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz or George Kittle then prepare to find an extreme value later on in the draft.

Redo Pick:

Dylan: If I got to redo a pick in my mock, I think I would decide to pass on Jameis Winston in round 10. I do believe Winston will do get with new HC Bruce Arians but I already had Russell Wilson as my starter so I won’t have many weeks where I need Winston. With that being said, I missed out on a potential stud like James Washington in that round who actually went the pick after I selected Winston.

Gabe: There isn’t one player that I regret drafting, but I do wish my receiving core was a little bit deeper. To fix that problem I could’ve taken Amari Cooper instead of Zach Ertz or even Chris Godwin instead of Aaron Rodgers. Overall though, I felt like I made some great choices when it comes to finding value specifically in Devonta Freeman and Kenny Golladay. Another quick route that I could’ve pursued is taking back to back receivers in the first and second then following that up with back to back running backs.

Best Value Pick Not On My Team:

Dylan: The guy at pick 5 got San Francisco 49ers WR Dante Pettis in the 11th round. Getting the teams top WR that late is a steal. We are already hyped about Pettis after what he did with Beathard and Mullen’s last year, imagine what he’s going to do with Jimmy Garoppolo this upcoming season.

Gabe: I’m really high on wide receiver Robert Woods of the Los Angeles Rams. He’s not someone you’ll draft expecting 10 touchdowns, but the consistency is something you’ll definitely want to jump on given his ADP. In this draft he went 5.3, which ironically, the big three Rams receivers all went in the fifth round. The reason I like Robert Woods the best is because over the course of the season he put up the most consistent numbers. There were only four games that Woods didn’t record at least 70 receiving yards, he had more catches and more touchdowns than Brandin Cooks as well. Overall if you set your team up correctly in the previous four rounds with high upside players then Woods becomes a nice refreshing consistent weapon to add to your team.