Its #tradeszn! We have already seen multiple blockbuster trades that a year ago, nobody would’ve believed they would happen. Odell Beckham Jr. AND Antonio Brown are on new teams, and we cannot forget about DeSean Jackson going back to Philadelphia. These trades that I am going to talk about are entirely possible and make sense, and as we have already witnessed, anything is possible in the NFL nowadays.

A.J. Green to the New England Patriots

The Patriots usually take a nap the first few days of free agency, and then go on and sign bargain deals. Well, New England has been in a full blown coma this offseason. They have missed out on all their targets when the money got too high. The targets included Golden Tate, Adam Humphries, and Trey Flowers. The Patriots are desperate for wide receiver help and were even in on the OBJ talks. In comes A.J. Green. He is on the last year of his contract and would immediately give Tom Brady a go to target. Why would Cincinnati move him? Well Cincy is heading into a full on rebuild, Green carries a 15 million dollar cap hit, Green has ended his season on injury reserve two times in the past 3 years, and Green also turns 31 this year. The Patriots are notorious for finding value and considering all of the factors in a Green trade, the payoff would be worth it. New England has a plethora of mid round selections and can use some of them to give Tom Brady the best WR he has had since Randy Moss.

Josh Rosen to the Giants

It remains to be seen if Kyler Murray really is going to the Cardinals, or if it is all a smoke screen. There is no doubt that Murray fits the offense in Arizona and has a higher ceiling than Rosen. However, Rosen was a first round pick for a reason last year. He has a great arm and above average mobility. The Giants aren’t in on Dwyane Haskins apparently and Murray will be gone unless they move up in the draft. Rosen would make a lot of sense for the Giants. He fits the type of prototypical pocket passer that the Giants prefer. With the 17th, 37th, and 95th overall picks, the Giants have more than enough ammunition to make a Rosen trade possible and set their franchise up for the future.

Jerick McKinnon to the Eagles

The Eagles need some backfield help. They have yet to patch things up and a strong running game is crucial for this offense. Jerick McKinnon signed a 4 year deal with the 49ers just last year, but an ACL tear ended his season. Then came Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman. Breida showed flashes as a starter and Coleman was recently signed and has worked with Shanahan before. McKinnon to the Eagles makes this a rare win-win trade. McKinnon would come off the books and open up touches when he is traded and would go to a team that needs quality running back production. McKinnon is an excellent pass catcher and a great one-cut runner, he would fit into the Eagles offense nicely and be a big part of a RBBC.

Jordan Howard to the Panthers

Jordan Howard has had a polarizing NFL career thus far. He was second in the league in rushing yards as a rookie, but the past few years has been riddled with inconsistency and injuries. A fresh start would be great for both Howard and the Bears, who seem to want him out of town. The Panthers do not have a dire need at running back. Christian McCaffery has proven to be one of the best running backs in the league. However, someone of CMAC’s size should not have the amount of touches he had in 2018. Adding Howard as a situational thumper and goal-line back would give the Panthers another weapon, as well as ensure the longevity of CMAC. Considering how bad the Bears want Howard gone, a late round pick could get the deal done.

Frank Clark to the Colts

We just saw Dee Ford fetch a second round pick after being franchise tagged, can we see the same for Frank Clark? The answer is most likely no, as Clark is a force on the defensive line and young. However, he has already threatened a hold out if he does not get an extension and the Seahawks could choose to gain draft capital instead to save some money. The Colts have two second round picks and could choose to deal one for Clark. He would immediately give the Colts a pass rusher that they need, and with a ton of cap space, they can pay the man too.