Last season, Fournette showed some flashes of what he can do when given opportunities with 358 total yards on 80 total touches with four touchdowns over a three game stretch vs the Colts, Steelers, and Bills. The Colts and Steelers ranked sixth and eighth in the NFL in rushing yards allowed last year, but Fournette put up 95 yards on the Steelers and managed 53 vs the Colts. The Bills ranked 16th in the league in yards allowed to RB’s and Fournette torched them for 95 yards and two touchdowns. It isn’t hard to see the upside here. Yes, we all know he has injury history, but he’s been working hard this offseason to get healthy and Doug Marrone seems to think Fournette is in a good spot and that he’ll be ready to go for 2019.

It seems to me that Leonard Fournette has become somewhat of an afterthought since sitting out half of 2018 with injuries while only producing 439 yards on 133 carries to go along with five touchdowns. He also produced 22 catches for 185 yards and one touchdown. That’s not terrible production if you double it. Making it a 16 game stat line puts it at 266 carries for 878 yards with 10 touchdowns, along with 44 catches for 370 yards and two more touchdowns for Leonard. 1,248 total yards and 12 touchdowns on a season is nothing to complain about for fantasy owners, and the fun part is, that was against a stacked box because Blake Bortles was under center.

With Nick Foles now in the picture, defenses will now give way more respect to the passing attack of the Jaguars. It’ll help Fournette immensely if he does not have to go against defenses that key in on him and him only. Want to know another cool thing that helps his fantasy outlook? Carlos Hyde is gone. Less mouths to feed when it comes to backfield touches = more opportunities for the workhorse waiting in his stall. Want to know another cool thing? His offensive line will be healthy and ready to eat with him.

In My Humble Opinion

Leonard Fournette currently has a 2.12 ADP according to the Fantasy Football Calculator. That’s ridiculous. With the 20-30 touches per game that he should be getting, along with goal line work that he’ll undoubtedly get with his 6’0/228 pound frame, the upside to this man is unbelievable. I’ll take the first round beast in the second round all day if he is available to me at that time, and you can watch me reap the rewards. I’ll take as many shares of Fournette as I can get this year.