As the NFL offseason prolongs, we gathered a couple of our staff members and 4 of us participated in a 10-man mock. In this article, we are going to break down our teams and discuss our strategy, favorite pick, least favorite pick, and which team we like the most! Let’s get straight to it!

Draft Strategy:

Dylan:  Picking as late as I did in this mock, I always try and go with a balanced approach. I want to go with 1 WR and 1 RB in the first 2 rounds and take it from there so i’m balanced at the 2 most valuable positions in fantasy. I think i succeeded in staying with my strategy for most of the draft.

Donovan: My strategy going into this mock was drafting at least 2 featured backs. I found myself searching for backs last year so I wanted to make sure I avoided that this season. Other than that, I went with a balanced draft approach trying to build a great starting lineup. 

Rj: I wanted to grab the top available picks since I was drafting at the end of the draft. I did just that with Julio Jones and Todd Gurley. Both of these studs could very well finish as top-5 players at their respected positions.

Gabe: If your drafting early, you almost always have to go RB here. After establishing an elite core with Barkley/Mixon/Cook, I went with polished, safe WR’s. All of my WR’s had at least 50 receptions or 10 touchdowns last season. 

Pick I wish I could redo: 

Dylan: Chris Carson in round 5 scares me. Can he be a Rb2 this season? sure but we know how crazy the Seahawks offense is when it comes to RB’s. All last season, we thought rookie Rashad Penny would be the guy but we were all wrong. Round 5 still has a lot of risk to it, considering it’s still early in the draft.

Donovan: It would be drafting Robert Woods instead of Derrius Guice in round 5. I had 2 featured backs already and should have taken a solid WR2 for my flex spot.

Rj: Andrew Luck in the 6th round for me. I should have waited at Qb and continued to bolster my WR core. I could have taken guys like Tyler Boyd, Alshon Jeffery, or Corey Davis instead.

Gabe: I wouldn’t have minded going Mike Evans instead of Dalvin Cook. Evans is the definition of consistent because he’s always had 1,000+ yards in every season this year. I think Arians takes this TB offense to the next level this season. 

Favorite Pick:

Dylan: I don’t know about you guys but Lesean McCoy in round 8 is a steal to me. I know he’s old but when given run last year, he wasn’t awful. With OL being one of the Buffalo Bills top needs, Mccoy this late is a huge value considering he’s most likely being drafted to fill one of your bench spots.

Donovan: My answer is Josh Jacobs here. I love this guys skill set and I fully expect him to be drafted into a feature role. Getting a potential 3 down back in round 10 is an absolute steal. With that being said, he’s my Rb4 and that is a ton of upside.

Rj: For me, it’s James Washington in the 13th round. With AB out of the picture, this is Washingtons chance to become a fantasy stud in the league. Who knows, he could turn into what Juju Smith-Schuster has been over the last 2 seasons.

Gabe: Jerick Mckinnon is my favorite pick for sure. Running backs in Kyle Shanahan’s offense always seem to reach their full potential. This guy was going 3rd round last year before the ACl injury, so I’ll take my chances on him in round 5 this year.

Favorite TDF Team besides mine:

Dylan: Im going with Gabe’s team on this one. In his draft, elite RB’s kept falling to him. Having a core of Barkley/Cook/Mixon is phenomenal. For going RB heavy in the early rounds, he still got good value at the other positions. Very nice team overall.

Donovan: I like Dylan’s team. It is very well rounded, not to mention he has top tier talent along with upside picks.

Rj: Donovan’s team is my favorite because it is well rounded and filled with a ton of potential. OBJ and Diggs will hold down the WR core, while he has upside at RB with Kamara, Fournette, and Guice. He got Russell Wilson and OJ Howard late too finish off his starting roster.

Gabe: Dylan’s draft really stands out to me. I love the upside and how late he got David Johnson and Devonta Freeman as his starting RB’s I was jealous of him getting Kenny Golladay in the 6th because I was targeting him as my WR2. His biggest steal was getting all the upside of Hunter Henry in the 10th round.