Have you ever wondered what the greatest teams of all time would look like? Well look no further because throughout the offseason we will be going team by team, assembling the greatest teams of all time! Up first we have the Chicago Bears, one of the most historic franchises all time.

Quarterbacks: Although not the strongest position on the team you still have a Hall of Famer in Luckman and Super Bowl winner in McMahon. Currently Cutler is the franchise leader in most major passing categories, but that distinction could likely be passed down to current Bears QB, Mitchell Trubisky.

Running Backs: It’s hard to find a better group of running backs that could do it all. There’s a reason why one of them was called Sweetness! Fun fact! The top 2 leaders in Bears history for receptions?Walter Payton and Matt Forte. Gale Sayers is one of the greatest all time that ended his career short due to injury.

Wide Receivers: A group that will not immediately jump out at you, but does have a notable name on the list that is a current player. One notable exclusion is Brandon Marshall who even though only played three seasons with the Bears, had 100+ receptions in two seasons. Hopefully Anthony Miller can establish himself as one of the greatest during his career!

Tight Ends: You might recognize the top TE for the Bears as an influential head coach with hilarious sound bytes or as one of the greatest at his position! Ditka and is one of the only people to win an NFL title as a player, an assistant coach, and a head coach. Kavanaugh remains the Bears’ career leader in touchdown receptions, with 50.

Defensive Ends: Richard Dent and Dan Hampton lining up across from offensive lineman would create a nightmare for any offensive coordinator. Hampton wias the cornerstone on the Bears 46 defense for many years during the 80’s. Dent was a great pass rusher who beat offensive tackles with his speed. He was part of the core of great players who made the Bears’ defenses of the 1980s legendary.

Linebackers: Here’s where the real “monsters of the midway” come to life! The Bears have two linebackers, Urlacher and Briggs, in the top 50 all time in tackles for loss. Bill George revolutionized the game as the first true middle linebacker, when was a nine-time Pro Bowler and eight-time All-Pro. It became a ladder of success in Chicago that passed down from George to Butkus to Singletary to Urlacher. That type of success is unparalleled and will look to be recreated with current middle linebacker Roquan Smith.

Secondary: Ever heard of the Peanut Punch? Charles Tillman created that! Ever heard of the 46 defense? You can thank Doug Plank for that as well! The secondary is truly the cherry on top of a historic defense, which again is making a name for themselves in the current NFL with Adrian Amos, Eddie Jackson, and Kyle Fuller.