One of the best things to go over in the offseason is mock drafts because there is so much information in each mock. The main thing is that we learn what the community is thinking. Whether it’s them reaching on a player or certain position, I always respect and look at those who draft early because all of these people drafting are just as crazy as me. Today we have a mock draft from 2 different teams. I drafted from the 5th slot, while my fellow TDF writer Gabe drafted from the 3rd slot. In this breakdown, we will go over how we handled the draft, going over or favorite and least favorite selections. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Overall Draft Strategy: Dylan: Every time I pick in the 1-6 slot, I typically grab myself an elite RB, and go from there. I typically go with best available for the next couple of rounds. The main thing I’m focusing on this offseason is grabbing an elite TE in the first couple of rounds. Another thing is to stack up on RB’s and WR’s and wait on the QB position simply because there is like 15 different Quarterbacks that have the possibility of being weekly fantasy starters.

Gabe: Anytime you get a top 3 pick an alarm should go off in your head that says “GET A RB”. Running backs give you the most value as they are constantly getting the ball in todays game. Surprisingly I landed the hottest young running back in today’s game; Saquon Barkley. Easy choice for me as Barkley finished second in rushing attempts, second in rushing yards, second in receptions for a RB, and top five in rushing touchdowns. From there it was about solidifying the running back position and finding receivers that fit the team.

Favorite Pick: Dylan: You look at the first 8 rounds, there are tons of players with high scoring upside. In terms of getting steals where they were selected, without a doubt I’m going to pick Sony Michel here. The guy was a huge reason for the Patriots postseason success. Getting him in round 5 as my flex spot/RB3 on the team is tremendous. He has a chance to score weekly and casts RB1 upside in a high scoring offense, so getting him this late is risk-free at this point and time.

Gabe: Landing Amari Cooper in the fifth round as my WR2 was incredible to me. Instantly whenever Cooper was traded to the Dallas Cowboys he made the offense more dynamic helping them improve on third down percentage and their scoring average, just to name a few. His 6 touchdowns in 9 games with the Cowboys shows me that Cooper is the focal point of this receiving core. Look for him to improve his stats in 2019 drastically, could easily see him go from just cracking 1,000 yards and under 10 TD’s to 1,200 yards and over 10 TD’s.

Least Favorite Pick: Dylan: In reality, I don’t really have a pick in this mock that I would want to re-do. If I had to say my least favorite it would be Stefon Diggs in round 4. It’s not a knock on Diggs, I just don’t feel 100% safe with him being my WR1 on my team due to him splitting huge games with teammate Adam Thielen. When you get a TE early, your gonna be weaker at RB or WR position but in the end, the team still turned out solid.

Gabe: I picked Delanie Walker out of mere overall ranking of the position that late in the draft. Make no mistake though if you have Walker as your starting TE then you will not win many TE matchups around your league. Walker will be 35 by the time the new season starts, is surrounded by much more explosive talent in Corey Davis, Derrick Henry, and Dion Lewis, and hasn’t had 1,000 receiving yards since 2015.

Biggest Value: Dylan: I would go Sony Michel here as well but typically your biggest value guys are typically a huge value pick if they are drafted late and then outperform their ADP. With that being said, Mike Williams is my pick here. After recording 10 touchdowns in his first year starting, I’m surprised that he is still available this late. After I get a safe starting core of players, I go after upside guys and Williams is the exact example of that.

Gabe: Devonta Freeman, the annual “my guy” running back for our brand, was the obvious pick for me in round 4. At his peak, Freeman was the number one fantasy running back in the league. With the departure of Tevin Coleman upon us this offseason, you should definitely be adding Freeman to your fantasy radar. Check out the “my guy” article for a more detailed reason on why I chose Freeman!

Most Stacked Position:Dylan: Gotta be the RB’s on this draft. Alvin Kamara’s upside with Mark Ingram leaving town, James Conner solidifying his bell-cow status with Le’veon Bell becoming a FA, Sony Michel having the upside to score weekly, the tremendous upside of Damian Williams becoming the new Kareem Hunt to the Chiefs, and the late round flier of D’onta Foreman potentially starting down the stretch of the season, I like this core a lot.

Gabe: Easily the running backs, I truly believe this should be the same for everyone. If you are drafting back to back to back WR’s then you must find the best value at RB. Just makes it extremely difficult in my opinion to build a team with no solidified “bell cow“. Running backs touch the ball more times in a season hence their value to fantasy football. Love to get Jerick McKinnon in the 7th in a Kyle Shanahan offense.