It’s never too early to be thinking about your fantasy football draft, and this mock draft is going to represent what I think will be the consensus top 10 picks in 2019 as of right now. Obviously this mock is super early as it comes before free agency, the NFL Draft, and training camp. Still, most of these players will be in the first round come fantasy football draft time.

Pick 1: Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Dallas Cowboys

This pick can go a couple different ways but all of the other players have contingencies. Zeke one the other hand has his role secured and he will be a fantasy monster. With the addition of Amari Cooper, the passing game has evolved and allowed Zeke to have more running room. Even better, Elliot is now catching more passes and will continue to be a factor in the both the pass and run game. He caught 77 passes last year and rushed for over 1400 yards. I expect him to repeat and even add to his lofty totals from 2018. Consistency wins fantasy leagues, Elliot looks to have the highest floor of any player in fantasy and still an untapped ceiling, sign me up for that any day of the week.

Pick 2: Saquon Barkley, RB, N.Y. Giants

Barkley could make an argument for the first pick and depending on what the Giants do at the quarterback position, he could find himself at the top of mocks. As of right now, Eli is still causing the box to be stacked against Barkley. Even so, Barkley is amazing and will again be a force rushing and catching passes. If the Giants get a new quarterback then Barkley will have less attention on him and that will allow him to produce even more. Barkley scored 15 touchdowns in 2018. If the Giants can solve the QB position, I can see 20 total touchdowns coming for Saquon.

Pick 3: Todd Gurley, RB, L.A. Rams

The Todd God hype train fell off the rails in the postseason as C.J. Anderson took some of the steam. Gurley was also injured and after a full offseason to heal up, he should be ready to repeat as a star fantasy performer. The only thing standing in his way is if he gets work taken away from him. If the Rams bring back Anderson, he could steal some carries and goal line production. Gurley is an amazing talent and will be a top tier running back. The touchdown production is what made him THE running back to own though, if the touchdowns are scaled back, that’s where he loses some of his mojo from a fantasy perspective. Don’t overthink this though, Gurley should be a top 3 pick.

Pick 4: Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints

This pick can go either Kamara or CMAC for me. I’m going Kamara here because of the offense he is playing in. I fully expect Ingram to be gone and Kamara will step into a 20-25 touch range per game. That’s easily enough to make Kamara a fantasy beast. He’s so efficient with his touches and his touchdown total should increase along with his yardage. I expect him to reach 1000 yards rushing for the first time and still catch 80

Plus passes. With another season in the Saints prolific offense, scoring touchdowns will be the norm and Kamara could reach a career high in touchdown total. The only thing that would move him back one spot for me, would be if the Saints bring back Mark Ingram, or another grinder between the tackles.

Pick 5: Christian McCaffery, RB, Carolina Panthers

One of my favorite players in the NFL comes in at pick 5. He could be argued as a top 3 pick, that’s how good he is. I have him at number 5 due to the offense and offensive line he has to work with. Carolina has some issues on the line and if Cam and D.J. Moore can’t take the attention of the defense, the only player to worry about is CMAC. Even so, CMAC was extremely good in 2018 and set the record for most catches from a running back. If a similar offensive game plan is in play, then reaching 100 plus catches should be expected. The area he could get even better at is if he gets more opportunities between the tackles. He averages a healthy 5 yards a carry and racked up 1000 yards in 2018. If more carries come his way, then a top overall finish is in reach.

Pick 6: Le’Veon Bell, RB, ????

I firmly believe that unless you employ a Zero-RB draft strategy, then securing a workhorse running back is key in drafts. We do not know where Bell will end up singing, but we do know that he will most likely be given the keys to the backfield wherever he ends up. With that being said, having a three down back with a history of elite production should warrant the number 6 pick in drafts. If Bell ends up signing somewhere where he is in a similar role and similar offense, like the Colts, then Bell can end up being a top 3 fantasy pick. We know the injury history, off field concerns, and conditioning red flags. With all that being said, Bell is still arguably the best back in the NFL and will produce, at the very minimum, great production running the ball and catching passes.

Pick 7: Deandre Hopkins, WR, Houston Texans

The first receiver comes off the board. There’s a couple of players that could be considered the best fantasy receiver, but I love the floor and ceiling of Hopkins. Within his role on the Texans, he’s almost a lock for 100 catches, 1200 plus yards, and 10 plus touchdowns. I’ll take that kind of consistency any day. The only other receiver that has had the track record like Hopkins is Antonio Brown, and he should be on a different offense in 2019. A healthy Will Fuller can also help take some double teams away and I fully expect Hopkins to finish as a top 3 wideout yet again.

Pick 8: Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers (as of right now)

No receiver has been better than Antonio Brown. Why isn’t he the first receiver off the board? Cause we have no clue what kind of offense he’s gonna be in. Brown is still the best receiver in the league, but if he goes to an offense like the Raiders or Jets, will we see the same production? While he’s still going to put up gaudy numbers, the sheer uncertainty of his role will have him behind Hopkins for me until my mind is changed. However, this is pick 8 and you’re landing Antonio Brown, things could be much worse.

Pick 9: Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers

Adams was my favorite wide out to own in 2018. He was the model of consistency. He scored over 14 PPR points in every game in 2018. He was a stud. There’s some speculation that Antonio Brown could join the Packers but I don’t see the fit. Either way, Aaron Rodgers loves him some Davante Adams and even in a down year for Rodgers, Adams still produced 111 receptions, over 1300 yards, and 13 touchdowns. With a healthy Rodgers and improved running game, I believe Adams will again be a target hog and produce another amazing season.

Pick 10: Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons

The last pick of a 10 team mock goes to Julio Jones for me. There are plenty of options here such as Tyreek Hill, Michael Thomas, James Connor, or Nick Chubb. I just love Julio because of the elite yardage and catches. If he reaches 8 touchdowns again, then you have a top 5 wide receiver on your team. There’s even a chance he takes a step forward in 2019 in the touchdown department with Sanu perhaps getting cut and Ridley regressing in touchdowns. A new offensive coordinator could mean some better schemes and red zone looks for Julio. Look for him to replicate his production from 2018. Which was 113 receptions, 1677 yards, and 8 touchdowns. You’re looking for a high floor and upside ceiling with your first pick. Julio fits just that.

Those are my picks for the first TDF Fantasy Football Mock! Did I snub anyone? Or am I reaching? Lemme know and don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Twitter pages!