The offseason is a chance for NFL teams to fix issues on the field, in the locker room, and in the front office. All 32 teams have some sort of fixin up to do. This article is going to highlight one need for every team in the NFC. Now while most of these teams have more than one thing they needs to accomplish before the season begins, I will highlight the need I believe will have the most impact on the organization. Whether it’s a finding a new quarterback, dealing away star players, or acquiring capital, every team has an offseason shopping list. 

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings: Patching up that god awful offensive line

It is no secret that the Vikings underperformed in 2018. One of the most complete teams on paper couldn’t even sneak into the playoffs. Most of the blame can go to the offensive line that ranked fourth worst in the league. The offensive line unit allowed a league high in QB pressures and should be overhauled this season.

Detroit Lions: Finding Darius Slay a partner in crime

While pass rusher is a big need, patching up the secondary is the primary need in Detroit. For a team ranked 29th in interceptions, they need some playmakers at the cornerback position. Darius Slay is one of the league’s best, but has lacked a partner for most of his career. Lucky for Detroit, they are in a prime position to draft either Greedy Williams out of LSU or Deandre Baker out of UGA. Both would immediately fill a glaring need. 

Chicago Bears: Doing everything they can to help Mitch

The Chicago Bears are going to head into 2019 as a Super Bowl Contender. They have one of the league’s best defenses and some great playmakers on offense. However, Mitchell Trubisky will be the one who decides the fate of the Bears. Good offense will beat good defenses in today’s NFL. So finding ways to keep Mitch upright and finding him some more weapons to put points on the board is the key. 

Green Bay Packers: Finding the new Clay Matthews

The Packers are in need of a new face on defense. Clay Matthews could potentially be on the way out and has been on a decline for years now. Naturally the biggest need is a pass rusher. The Pack are in a good spot in the draft as they have two first round picks. They can either spend both on a deep defensive class, or they can use them to move up to select a blue-chip pass rushing like Nick Bosa or Josh Allen

NFC South

New Orleans Saints: Drafting the tight end of the future

The Saints are probably the most complete team in football if we are being honest. Drafting a tight end in the second round is a good way to start to separate themselves even more. The Saints do not have their first or third rounder this year but the second round is perfect as this is one of the deeper tight end classes in years. A name to watch is Albert Okwuebgunam, he is a raw tight end with loads of upside as he is one of the most athletic tight ends you will see. We all know what Brees can do with a good tight end. 

Atlanta Falcons: Finding new pieces for the defense 

Injuries were the downfall of the Falcons in 2018. I believe this is one of the most talented teams in the league, but they need to fix their defense that ranked in the bottom 10 in the league in about every defensive category. A healthy start goes a long way but finding a pass rusher and corner can help this unit solidify. Lucky for the Falcons, they have their full amount of picks and can use them to strengthen the defense. 

Carolina Panthers: Protecting SuperCam

The Panthers ended their season on an awful note, and even worse is that Cam Newton had to get surgery on his throwing shoulder. Cam is only 29, but there has been a laundry list of injuries for the 2015 MVP. Protecting Cam for the future is immediately the priority of the team. Drafting an offensive lineman with their first pick can go a long way, and their mid round selections can be used on the defensive line. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Finding some warm bodies on defense

Can you remember the last time the Bucs had a good, or even a decent, defense? Yeah me neither. While they have one of the stronger defensive lines on paper, teams are still throwing all over the secondary. The Bucs have a top 5 pick and I believe they are in a prime spot to trade back, get some picks while also drafting either Greedy Williams or Deandre Baker. They can use the extra picks for more secondary help or some defensive line depth as they could potentially lose Gerald McCoy.

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks: Continuing to build up the defense

The Seahawks play a special type of football in today’s NFL. They like to run the ball, control the clock, play good defense, and set up play action. In order to keep that culture, building up the defense even more will be key. Frank Clark should get tagged but finding another pass rusher to compliment him will go a long way. Also finding a suitable starting corner and free safety will be a priority. After the defense, another offensive weapon and blocker for Russell Wilson can get the Seahawks back into the NFC Championship picture. 

San Francisco 49ers: Finding playmakers on both sides

Seems like the 49ers season ended before it started. Injuries to Jerick McKinnon and eventually Jimmy G., diminished all the hype around the team. The team has the second pick and can use it on a blue chips defensive lineman/rusher who would fit the “playmaker” I am talking about. The team can also choose to trade back, get a boat load of picks and use that ammunition to trade for Antonio Brown, while also drafting a stud defensive talent. 

Los Angeles Rams: Go all in before making a decision on Jared Goff

Some may say that the Rams already went all in but they have some more ammunition in their pockets with a first round pick and some cap space. Re-signing or tagging Dante Fowler and Lamarcus Joyner will help bring back a defense that can be dominant at times. Trying to convince Suh to take another prove it deal will probably not happen. The Rams therefore need to use their first rounder and future picks to acquire a star defensive player such as Xavier Rhodes, Patrick Peterson, or even Von Miller. Going for a Super Bowl run again before having to pay or trade Jared Goff should be the mindset of the Rams.

Arizona Cardinals: Getting as much capital as you can

The Cardinals are horrible. They have no identity, barely any good NFL players, and are under a new direction in CFB guru Kliff Kingsbury. So when I say get capital, I mean trade anything and everything that can get you young players and picks. Trading the number one pick will definitely get some capital, but I would rather see them trade Josh Rosen for a first rounder and then drafting Kyler Murray to fit the air raid offense of Kingsbury. Trading Patrick Peterson and Chandler Jones, can get them high picks for the future. Everyone on the team besides David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Christian Kirk should be on the market. The Cardinals are going to be bad for years, might as well load up on picks while you can. 

NFC East

New York Giants: Finding Eli’s replacement

This is the most obvious choice for all the teams in the league in my opinion. Whether it is Kyler Murray or Dwyane Haskins, or even a free agent QB like Teddy Bridgewater, finding a new quarterback is essential for the Giants. Eli Manning has shown nothing to say that he can help the Giants win in 2019. Now the key here is if the Giants really want to win in 2019 anyway. If they decide to semi tank again, then drafting a quarterback in 2020 is the best choice, as there will be much better prospects. 

Dallas Cowboys: Bring Back Demarcus Lawrence 

The Cowboys had a very solid defense in 2018 and a big key of that defense is Demarcus Lawrence. The Cowboys need to give him an extension and or franchise tag him so he stays in Dallas. With 46 million in cap space, they can take care of Lawrence, while also getting another weapon for Dak Prescott. A new tight end and slot receiver should give the Cowboys some much needed playmaking and the people upstairs can get a good long look to see if Dak is there long term solution. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Damage control

The Eagles will have a very different roster going into 2019. The key here is to not to reach on any players in the draft or free agency. They are losing their top corner in Ronald Darby, who was mostly ineffective, and also potentially losing a key defensive lineman in Brandon Graham. The Eagles should get some solid draft picks or players for Nick Foles, and then draft complimentary pieces to at least make the secondary serviceable.

Washington Redskins: Find some playmakers on offense

One could say that QB is the biggest need for the Redskins. While they definitely need a QB, I believe that Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater, or a rookie will fill that hole pretty easily. The real concern in fixing their skill players, or the lack thereof. Jordan Reed is old and broken, Josh Doctson is a bust, Jamison Crowder is a free agent, and Derrius Guice tore his ACL before taking an NFL snap. Guice should return to a good role, but the receivers are a serious problem. Drafting a receiver or tight end in the second round, while pursuing free agents like Tyrell Williams can help bring some life into this offense.