Since we are in the 2019 offseason, I wanted to get it on paper and announce “My Guys” for the upcoming fantasy football season. This acknowledgment doesn’t mean they are my favorite player at the position or anything, but I like to pick a guy that people aren’t necessarily high on and I believe they are in store for an amazing season. Throughout the offseason, I’ll go over my favorite Quarterback, Wide Reciever, and Tight End to target in drafts this season, but for now, I wanted to go ahead and discuss the running back I’m all in on for the 2019 season. Before we check that out, I want to go over “My Guys” from the past 2 seasons.

Previous “My Guys”: Now If you’ve kept up with my writing, both of my past running backs over the last 2 years were huge hits during their respected seasons. It may take some scrolling, but if you don’t believe me, check out @fantasyfootballstateofmind on IG, or dailyfantasy305 on twitter. 2017: Todd Gurley: Preseason ADP: RB10 Overall, Finished the Season: RB1 2018: Joe Mixon: Preseason ADP: RB14 Overall, Finished the Season: RB9. So since those 2 were excellent calls, Let’s dive into my 2019 “My Guy” RB.

Devonta Freeman:  The 5-year pro back has been very underrated by the fantasy community as of late. I think the first thing to do is look over his career thus far. He entered the league in 2014 and didn’t see the field that much because he was backing up one of the most utilized running backs of all time in Steven Jackson. So then we fast forward to the next 3 years and look at these seasonal logs. 2015: 1,634 Total Yards, 14 Total Touchdowns, Finished as the RB1 2016: 1,541 Total Yards, 13 Total Touchdowns, Finished as the RB6 2017: 1,182 Total yards, 8 Total Touchdowns, Finished as the RB13 So really it’s going to come down if Freeman can stay healthy or not. As you can see with the numbers, if he stays healthy, his sample size pretty much guarantees you 1,450 total yards and around 11 touchdowns on average.

Tevin Coleman Effect: Most of us can agree that Coleman is one of the better back up running backs in the league. With that being said, I believe there is a strong chance he leaves the Atlanta Falcons this year and tests Free Agency, in attempts to chase a bigger contract. With the Falcons currently having Freeman on a 5-year/$41 million deal, it’s extremely unlikely they resign TECO. With that being said, if you look at those 2015-2017 Freeman numbers, those numbers were with Tevin Coleman on the team. Coleman was balling as well, averaging 900 yards and 9 touchdowns through 2016-2017. Imagine the upside of Freeman without Coleman, scary right? This leads me to think that Freeman can do good with or without Coleman but the upside without Coleman on the field is insane. I would expect Ito Smith to get some more touches but he’s not built for a bigger workload anyway.

Conclusion: With all that being said, would you believe me when I say that Freeman’s current average draft position puts him as the RB20 Overall? I think he has a great chance of finishing as a top-10 running back this upcoming season. His current average draft position has him going in the middle of the 4th round in most drafts. Considering all that was said above, he is a terrific pick at that point of the draft.