The NFL is no stranger to the occasional stunning trade or signing that will be the talk throughout the league. Lately, players are asking for more money and demanding trades at a higher rate, this allows the rest of us to sit back and watch the fireworks. This 2019 NFL Offseason should be one for the ages, there are plenty of premier talents in free agency, big name players wanting to move team, and draft picks to be passed around. Now disclaimer, this is a BOLD TAKE ARTICLE , meaning let’s be honest, most of these things will not happen. However, the process of making a bold take and connecting the dots to see how they work is the fun part. Also if some of these things do happen, you heard it here first and I look like a freaking genius. Let’s get to it.

Matthew Stafford Gets Traded

Who in their right mind would trade their franchise QB? How about a Detroit Lions team who hasn’t won a playoff game with Matthew Stafford playing quarterback. The Lions have been stuck in NFL mediocracy for far too long, and after seeing what a young shiny quarterback like Patrick Mahomes can do, the Lions make a bold move. A Post-June 1sttrade would give the Lions some significant cap relief as Stafford is the 7thhighest paid quarterback in the league right now. With so many teams looking for a QB and the 2019 Draft full of high risk QB prospects, Stafford could easily be overpaid for. What’s even better, the trades of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper make fetching a first rounder easy when trading good talent. I figure trading Stafford to a QB team needy team that can win now, like the Jaguars, will get the Lions a first round pick and couple mid round selections. That is a lot of draft capital. Also if we look ahead to the 2020 QB Draft Class, it is absolutely loaded and tanking for one year to draft Tua will make the Detroit faithful excited for once. 

Jadeveon Clowney Signs with… the Browns

After playing out his fifth year on his rookie deal, Jadeveon Clowney is going to cash in this offseason.  Whether that is via the franchise tag, which is the most likely outcome but that’s no fun, or by getting a fat contract in the free agency. The Browns again have a lot of cap space and with no glaring needs at QB, they can finally look to fortify their talented team. Defensive Line is an area where the Browns can use one more elite player. While Myles Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi have turned into solid forces, Clowney would add an elite pass rusher and run stopper. The Browns also do not pick until 17th in the upcoming draft. While this draft class is stacked with defensive talent, at pick 17, the Browns will have to settle for a tier 2 defensive line prospect. So hence why they make Clowney an offer he can’t refuse if he hits free agency and Clowney jumps at the chance to bring winning football back to Cleveland.

 The L.A. Rams extend Dante Fowler Jr. over Ndamukong Suh

Fresh off their Super Bowl loss in Atlanta, the L.A. Rams will need to look at their roster and decide who to keep around and who to let go so they can make another run at the championship. After trading plenty of picks to acquire veteran stars, the Rams need to look towards the future. Dante Fowler Jr. enjoyed a great second half to the season after the Rams traded for him. He is still only 24 years old and after giving up two mid rounders for him, the Rams have to re-sign him. While Suh does have the more decorated career and is still a great player, he did not live up to his 14 million dollar contract. Letting Suh, who is 32, walk and signing Fowler will give the Rams a great pass rusher for the foreseeable future. 

Kareem Hunt signs with the Oakland Raiders

Kareem Hunt is a great football player. Now we all know about his past and why he is not on an NFL Roster right now, but when it comes to football, he is an elite running back. When the commissioner hands out his suspension, Kareem will have some teams that will take the PR hit and sign him. The Oakland Raiders have the culture and need to sign a player like Hunt. They have not been shy to signing players with controversial pasts and with a dire need at running back, the fit is there. The Raiders offer Kareem a rare opportunity to become a starting running back and provide a fresh start. The Raiders are moving to Vegas in 2020 and plenty of their games in 2019 will be played outside the U.S., away from all the noise. This signing gives the Raiders a bell cow back and allows them to use their 3 first round picks on other positions.

 Antonio Brown AND Le’veon team up with Andrew Luck

Might as well end it with a bang. Imagine Luck, Le’veon, AB, T.Y., and Ebron. The rest of the league would be on tilt. The Colts have the most projected cap space this upcoming season, and with some young talent and lots of draft picks to trade, getting Antonio Brown is definitely a possibility. Brown was on record for saying he does not care who he plays for, as long as they win. In come the Colts who made it to the second round of the playoffs behind one of the youngest teams in the league. Le’veon on the other hand, has expressed interest in playing with the Colts already. Trading for AB would just give Le’veon even more incentive to sign with Indy, maybe even at less money. While Marlon Mack has shown flashes, he isn’t Le’veon. From the Colts perspective, they have other needs on the defensive side of the ball, but this offensive fire power would put them with the Chiefs when it comes to unstoppable offenses. 

Well there are my bold takes for the offseason, don’t forget to comment and follow us on Instagram! Let me know your bold predictions!