With the 2018 NFL season officially over with, I wanted to go over a weird situation going on in the league, and that situation is what happened to Todd Gurley? This guy was on a tear at the beginning of the season, then flopped towards the end of the season, including the playoffs. Whether he was injured, benched, etc, this is definitely something worth getting into.

Let’s dive in and look how he did in the regular season. As most of us remember, Gurley was a man amongst boys in the 14 games he played in the 2018 regular season. Check out these numbers and as we know, numbers don’t lie. 14 Games played: 256 Carries (4th most in the league), 1,251 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns (led the league), 59 receptions, 580 receiving yards, and 4 receiving touchdowns. If you average out the numbers, Gurley had about 130 total yards and 1.5 TD’s per game this season. He was without a doubt the top fantasy RB during the regular season but things got worse once he suffered a “knee” injury and missed weeks 16 and 17 of the regular season. This is a great segway to CJ Anderson, who some blame for Gurley’s decline.

The 2018 season of CJ Anderson is one of the craziest football stories I’ve ever witnessed, to be honest. Let’s take a look: He starts the 2018 regular season as the backup RB for the Carolina Panthers. Since many didn’t believe that Christian McCaffrey was a bell-cow RB (they were wrong), we had offseason hype surrounded by how Anderson was going to be getting a crazy workload (they were wrong as well). In 9 games with the Panthers, Anderson had 24 carries for 101 yards. He was then released and sat on the couch for a couple of weeks until the Oakland Raiders signed him, then cut him after just signing him for 5 days. Anderson never even saw the field for the Raiders. Now that Anderson has been on 2 teams in one season, it was looking like his career was heading towards an end, then boom! Anderson signs with the Los Angeles Rams and rejuvenates his career. In 2 starts in week 16 and 17, Anderson was one of the best running backs in the league those 2 weeks, averaging 149.5 yards and 1 TD per game.

Playoffs: Gurley averaged 10 touches per game, 53 yards, .66 TD’s while Anderson averaged 15 touches per game, 63 yards, and .66 TD’s as well.

Conclusion: When looking at the playoff game logs, its evident that neither running back was significantly better than the other so we can’t hate on Gurley in that department. If you are worried about Todd Gurley being 100%, don’t worry because he has 6 months to recover from whatever he is dealing with. The big key in the offseason will be if the Los Angeles Rams decide to resign Cj Anderson or not. He will likely resign for cheap but regardless, I’m not worried about Gurley’s outlook for the 2019 season. Why you ask? Well in his 4-year career, check out what this guy has averaged on a yearly basis. 14 games played, 1,607 total yards, and 14 touchdowns. Find me a running back who is even close to having such a span. Todd Gurley and New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley will be the top-2 picks in upcoming fantasy drafts.

Todd Gurley’s season logs:

2015: 12 Games Started, 1,294 total yards, 10 Touchdowns 2016: 16 Games Started, 1,212 total yards, 6 Touchdowns 2017: 15 Games Started, 2,093 total yards, 19 Touchdowns 2018: 14 Games Started, 1,831 total yards, 21 Touchdowns