With Anthony Davis now publicly available, many teams are scrambling to put together any package they can in order to have even a small chance of landing the superstar forward. Obviously there are a few frontrunners in the sweepstakes, and other teams may not have enough to land him if they tried to trade their entire roster for the star, but here are five of the top suitors.

1 Los Angeles Lakers: 

  1. Los Angeles Lakers: Trade: Lakers receive Anthony Davis. Pelicans receive Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Ivan Zubac, Lakers 2019 & 2021 1st round Pick. Obviously everyone and their grandmother knows that the Lakers are targeting Davis in order to create a contender out of themselves. Davis is expected to name the Lakers as his preferred destination. The Lakers have a young core of great players that have the potential to become All-Stars in the NBA. The Pelicans will have a hard time finding a better package from anyone right now than what the Lakers can offer. On the other hand, pairing Anthony Davis with LeBron looks great on paper, and I think it’ll look even better on the hardwood. LeBron will create new opportunities for AD that he’s never seen before, and I think we’ll see new aspects of Anthony’s game that will make him even more lethal than he is now.

2. Boston Celtics

Trade: Celtics receive Anthony Davis. Pelicans receive Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Celtics 2019 1st round pick, Grizzlies protected 2019 1st round pick. This trade is only possible if Davis stays with New Orleans throughout the season and into the summer. Kyrie seems to have realized how hard it is to lead a young team throughout the season. He needs consistent help, and what better guard/forward duo would there be in the league? The Pelicans would be landing a potential top 10 players in Jayson Tatum, who has shown flashes of greatness, along with Smart and Brown who have both held their own throughout their career. All three young talents are fantastic building blocks for a rebuilding organization.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

Trade: Thunder recieve Anthony Davis. Pelicans receive Steven Adams, Terrance Ferguson, Thunder 2019, 2021 1st round picks, and 2020 2nd round pick. The Thunder would be going all in to try and land Davis, but having a big-3 consisting of Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Anthony Davis would shoot the Thunder up the championship ladder and firmly place them with the elite of the league. The Pelicans would land a very underrated center in Steven Adams, along with Terrance Ferguson who seems to be finding his niche. The three future 1st round picks, along with the 2nd round pick in 2020 will be the cherry on top of a massive trade sundae.

4. Houston Rockets

Trade: Rockets receive Anthony Davis. Pelicans receive Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, and the Rockets 2019, and 2021 first round picks. This trade scenario isn’t getting as much love as I think it should. Clint Capela is turning into one of the best bigs in the league, along with Eric Gordon who has shown he’s a knockdown shooter from the perimeter, and would be returning to New Orleans where he spent five seasons. Houston may have to send another draft pick in order to sway NOLA their way, which I’m sure they’d be happy to do, seeing as that they were offering four 1st round picks for Jimmy Butler. This would form yet another big-3 that would be scary for other teams around the league. The Brow and The Beard, that’s a lot of hair that can play basketball.

5. Portland Trail Blazers

Trade: Blazers receive Anthony Davis. Pelicans receive CJ McCollum, Zach Collins, Gary Trent Jr., Portland’s 2019 1st round pick, and Portlands 2020 2nd round pick. The duo of Lillard and McCollum have torn up the league for years now, but they have yet to muster enough wins during the playoffs in order to get to the Finals. The Blazers could end up having a great big man duo in Davis and Nurkic, along with Lillard who is one of the more underrated players in this league. The Pelicans would land a bonafide scoring guard in McCollum, along with a nice project piece in Gary Trent Jr. I don’t see this trade being out of the realm of possibility, and I do think it could benefit both teams respectively.

Obviously if every team could get their hands on AD, they would, but that’s just not going to happen. With how things are going at the moment, I can’t really see Davis going anywhere but L.A. As long as the rumors stay true, and he does prefer to land in Los Angeles, I don’t see why the Pelicans wouldn’t try to give him what he wants after what he’s done for the organization.